Deliver homestyle quality to a clubhouse full of people

Internationally recognised as one of Australia’s top six resort courses – and the best on the Sunshine Coast - Twin Waters Golf Club kitchen delivers high-quality food to a high-volume venue.

We spoke with Twin Waters’ Head Chef, Terry Dickson, about Angel Bay’s pivotal role in delivering great food - including what Terry calls ‘The Show Stoppers’ - even when the pressure is at its peak.

“I’ve been a chef for thirty-five years and worked in every industry - from pubs and clubs to cafes and restaurants - and I’ve used Angel Bay consistently through all of those.”



A quality product that holds things together

Terry runs a lot of big functions, and he needs a quality product that holds together under the pressure of outputting large volumes for big crowds under time constraints.

“New Zealand beef is superior to a standard hamburger mince, and the easiest way to please a crowd is with burgers. However, 100% fresh mince tends to fall apart under pressure, and you need skilled staff to handle it - Angel Bay cooks up like a fresh product - it means I can output great food with minimum prep and fuss.”

Twin Waters is one of those clubs where every day is a busy day, and the pressure comes on when the kitchen has regular members, casual players and function attendees all wanting something great to eat.




With Angel Bay in the freezer, you can take a day off

“On Sunday, one of our busiest days, I would normally have to put another staff member on. With Angel Bay in the freezer, I don’t have to upskill my team, and we cope with whoever is available because the staple meals are easy to prepare - it means a significant cost saving. If I need a day off, I know there’s always a backup in the fridge.” 

Even when Terry runs ‘build your own burger’ events, people are getting great results.



More time to deliver the WOW factor

Terry is a chef first and foremost, and he loves getting ‘oooohs’ and ‘aaaahs’ from his customers. But that takes time in the kitchen and the space of mind to focus on the details. 

“Time is money. With these burgers as an easy-to-output menu item, I’m getting quality out there every time - so I have more space to work on the showstoppers.”

There’s no point having WOW factor on one plate if everyone else is only ‘so so’ with their meal.

“That’s right, and I’ve never had a complaint with Angel Bay.”



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